Whatsapp Status for Travels and Adventures

Travelling refers to people moving from one location to another for pleasure, adventure, or a change in occupation. Travelling can be temporary or could also mean a permanent relocation. It is a way of life, loved by many and in modern times done more frequently. And in this era of social media, it’s apt that the traveller’s Status in whatsapp also reflects this aspect. Click here for more whatsapp status! And announce to the world your reflections, ideas, and frame of mind at the time of travelling. After all a picture or a video can express more clearly what a thousand words cannot do.

There are quotes galore to give the most apt status update about your travels and explorations. The new updated Whatsapp Status feature allows you to share photos and videos to only a select few in a simple yet secure way. The new Status updates are also encrypted.

Your status updates on whatsapp need not have only text content, you can upload videos and pictures of your places of visit which makes it even more exciting.However, the new status update will remain active for only a 24hour period. If you wish to delete it you can do so too.

You can determine which of your contacts or friends can see your status photos or videos by accessing the contact list from the chat tab and click on the message icon at the top right corner of the screen. When you update your whatsapp status privacy settings, you can select those who can view your status update.

These make it very convenient for a traveller to share his travel pictures with whomsoever he/ she pleases. It is now possible to update your friends and family about your travels when you are on the go.


How To Look For The Right Binocular Review

So you have decided to buy a binocular and you do not have any idea which is the best for you. The usual step that anyone would do are

  1. Search on e-commerce site for bets selling binocular
  2. Read reviews and ratings based on the site
  3. Check the price
  4. Buy whichever suits your budget

In many cases, you may repent later that it is not what you expected. If you are confused that the reviews of some binoculars are somewhat misleading, it is because you are not really clear on what you want.

The best steps to follow before buying binocular are

  1. Find out for what purpose you need the binocular for
  2. Read about various parameters that are marked as specification of binoculars
  3. Fix values for each, it is better to fix a range as one cannot satisfy all parameters as per their liking. Remember there is no binocular that can have a better field of view and great magnification and night vision. There has to be a compromise and a range within which you can compromise.
  4. Read reviews on the internet on the particular type of binocular you want to purchase. It is better to read reviews of professionals and common people rather than reading them on the brand website itself.
  5. Narrow down your choices to 2 or 4 brands and products
  6. Search on an e-commerce site to see the ratings and reviews of these products. Check their ratings, feedback, and queries.
  7. Finally, check the price and adjust your budget if needed and fix the product you plan to buy.
  8. Look for many sites where the best price is offered for the selected product and buy from there.

Thus it is not just about reviews but what reviews to read is also important when it comes to buying binoculars and making the right choice.

A Few Easy Steps To Apply For A Vietnam Visa

The one thing that you cannot be sure of even if you have a US passport in your favor is your next visit to Vietnam without a visa in hand. This is because the Vietnamese government has not yet extended the visa waiver to the United States that makes it imperative to apply for a Visa at the embassy or for a Visa On Arrival. While the first one is the traditional route, the second is the more preferred one because of the sheer convenience of it all. However, the first one does guarantee you a smooth entry into Vietnam, especially if you travel by land.

Before you plan to travel, you should be aware of the steps to apply for a visa for Vietnam for US citizens. These steps are simple to follow and do not require too much time at your end to make them happen. The steps are divided into two separate halves as listed below:

Before you board:

The best news that you could possibly receive is the fact that the application for Vietnam visa can be completely done online. All that you would need is a computer, a laptop and a phone that supports internet connection. The next three steps to follow are:

  • Filling in the Vietnamese visa application form online.
  • Making the payment of the approval fee online.
  • Checking email to get the Vietnamese visa approval letter after a certain number of days.

Upon Arrival at Vietnam Airport

  • The fourth step is to get your Vietnam visa stamped in the Vietnam embassy or the arrival airport.

The second last step would need you to submit your original passport along with 2 passport sized photos, a printed Vietnam Visa approval letter and paying the Stamping fee directly to the Vietnam Immigration Officers.

The last step is getting your Vietnam visa stamped into your passport at the Immigration Desk by the Immigration Officers.

The Best Places to Visit in Thailand

There are so many amazing places to travel to in the world it’s sometimes difficult to choose one, but this site will help you find your holiday home. Choosing one needs travel knowledge and experience. That’s why I want to recommend Thailand as the place first to go and visit before sightseeing anywhere else. Thailand’s weather is amazing all year round and offer stunning tourist attractions at affordable rates, so whether you want to tour on a boat fishing or lounge around a floating hotel, it offers everything – this is a great site for finding a villa.

Bangkok is the party capital and a fantastic place to stay if you like nights out with lots of fun and games. Chiang Rai is a quiet but stunning region of Thailand and offers something for everyone. The main “golden triangle” is where most people congregate, but in fact they have regular tourist group outings with packages to suit every type of adventurer. Pai is another part of the country that offers a relaxed atmosphere that caters for most backpackers around Thailand.

There is loads to do, where that’s lounging on the river bed or exploring the regions rich topography it has something for everyone to enjoy. Backpackers are known to like riding the elephants and adventure up-stream with beautiful springs and stunning waterfalls.

There are lots of valleys and mountains, which offer trekkers amazing routes to scale to the top of the mountains, with photography shots that won’t be forgotten. The surrounding villages are small and the type of housing is traditional, but for most visiting this region they are happy to experience the local culture. Thailand offers a rich biodiversity and traditional feel to certain people visiting and is very different from the capital where people like to party.