Road Trip Guide: How to Prepare for a Cold Trip Around Scotland

Scotland is not exactly famous for continuous bright sunny days. The weather is unpredictable but lovely if you are adequately equipped. The beautiful chilly, snowy Scottish countryside is mesmerizing. Don’t ever let the cold ward you off from a trip around the city during this time. Here we give you some tips that will stand you in good stead for the cold trip around the place.

The cold and rugged landscapes require the following clothing to be a part of your packing checklist.

  • Waterproof rain jackets. Fairly lightweight waterproof jackets should be ideal to carry on for the tricky Scottish rains.
  • Fleece jackets. These are lightweight and thin and ideal to be worn beneath your raincoats and rain jackets.
  • Jeans and any casual holiday clothing for going around in the towns, anything that you are comfortable in.
  • Trekking pants and long-sleeved trek-shirts to hold you well for your nature trails. The clothing used for treks dry rather quickly and hence ideal when you are driving around, with a lot of stopovers. These are necessary for tricky weather spells in the Scottish Highlands.
  • Cardigans for the chilly weather.

Apart from these you may require dressy outfits, t-shirts and shirts, socks, warm sheets, sweatshirts and jumpers. The choice of clothing actually depends on the season. And the list of clothing we have mentioned above is only broadly categorized to suit a road trip. And if you ever happen to look around for rentals, this site offers great deals on motorhome hire in Scotland.

Scotland is beautiful and open during the cold weather spells. It is usually a quiet time of the year because winter tourists are not many. The majestic mountains, historic castles, warm Scottish whisky distilleries can all be yours if you plan well for your winter vacation.