Whatsapp Status for Travels and Adventures

Travelling refers to people moving from one location to another for pleasure, adventure, or a change in occupation. Travelling can be temporary or could also mean a permanent relocation. It is a way of life, loved by many and in modern times done more frequently. And in this era of social media, it’s apt that the traveller’s Status in whatsapp also reflects this aspect. Click here for more whatsapp status! And announce to the world your reflections, ideas, and frame of mind at the time of travelling. After all a picture or a video can express more clearly what a thousand words cannot do.

There are quotes galore to give the most apt status update about your travels and explorations. The new updated Whatsapp Status feature allows you to share photos and videos to only a select few in a simple yet secure way. The new Status updates are also encrypted.

Your status updates on whatsapp need not have only text content, you can upload videos and pictures of your places of visit which makes it even more exciting.However, the new status update will remain active for only a 24hour period. If you wish to delete it you can do so too.

You can determine which of your contacts or friends can see your status photos or videos by accessing the contact list from the chat tab and click on the message icon at the top right corner of the screen. When you update your whatsapp status privacy settings, you can select those who can view your status update.

These make it very convenient for a traveller to share his travel pictures with whomsoever he/ she pleases. It is now possible to update your friends and family about your travels when you are on the go.