A Few Easy Steps To Apply For A Vietnam Visa

The one thing that you cannot be sure of even if you have a US passport in your favor is your next visit to Vietnam without a visa in hand. This is because the Vietnamese government has not yet extended the visa waiver to the United States that makes it imperative to apply for a Visa at the embassy or for a Visa On Arrival. While the first one is the traditional route, the second is the more preferred one because of the sheer convenience of it all. However, the first one does guarantee you a smooth entry into Vietnam, especially if you travel by land.

Before you plan to travel, you should be aware of the steps to apply for a visa for Vietnam for US citizens. These steps are simple to follow and do not require too much time at your end to make them happen. The steps are divided into two separate halves as listed below:

Before you board:

The best news that you could possibly receive is the fact that the application for Vietnam visa can be completely done online. All that you would need is a computer, a laptop and a phone that supports internet connection. The next three steps to follow are:

  • Filling in the Vietnamese visa application form online.
  • Making the payment of the approval fee online.
  • Checking email to get the Vietnamese visa approval letter after a certain number of days.

Upon Arrival at Vietnam Airport

  • The fourth step is to get your Vietnam visa stamped in the Vietnam embassy or the arrival airport.

The second last step would need you to submit your original passport along with 2 passport sized photos, a printed Vietnam Visa approval letter and paying the Stamping fee directly to the Vietnam Immigration Officers.

The last step is getting your Vietnam visa stamped into your passport at the Immigration Desk by the Immigration Officers.